Agnian Artbeep


Building a digital marketplace for fine art

Agnian Artbeep


Building a digital marketplace for fine art

Agnian Artbeep


Building a digital marketplace for fine art

Agnian Artbeep


Building a digital marketplace for fine art


With its ground-breaking digital platform, Artbeep enables contemporary artists to bring their artwork to an international audience.

Since its founding in 2015, this Agnian joint venture has become the leading marketplace for art from Southern and Eastern Europe.

Artists, dealers and buyers alike appreciate Artbeep’s simple streamlined service, as well as its stringent vetting process. Every art piece submitted to the platform is carefully reviewed by Artbeep’s world class experts before going live. All purchases of artwork are made directly on the platform, and all shipping and handling is carried out by Artbeep itself.

By taking a long-standing marketplace and reshaping it with technology, Artbeep is radically rethinking the art experience for everyone involved.

More than
original Art pieces
Representing more than
Anastasiia Grygorieva, Ukraine

Anastasiia Grygorieva, Ukraine

Annya Sand, Kazakhstan

Annya Sand, Kazakhstan

Gia Gugushvili, Georgia

Gia Gugushvili, Georgia

Gia Bugadze, Georgia

Gia Bugadze, Georgia

Grigory Ivanov, Russia

Grigory Ivanov, Russia

Markos Kampanis, Greece

Markos Kampanis, Greece

Sarkis Hamalbashyan, Armenia

Sarkis Hamalbashyan, Armenia

Yiannis Kasritsis, Greece

Yiannis Kasritsis, Greece

Saro Galentz, Armenia

Saro Galentz, Armenia


How do you bring a matured and complex market into the digital age?

Artbeep is an Agnian joint venture which means that we were the architects behind the digital platform from start to finish. As plans for Artbeep were being drawn, we realised that this revolutionary new interface needed a flexibility that would allow it to serve artists and aspiring collectors alike. We had to ensure quality for buyers, and opportunity for sellers.

Beyond maintaining a certain standard of aesthetic and a flawless UX, Artbeep is dedicated to making the art world more accessible and diverse - our design and site construction had to reflect this ethos.


We began by defining what the platform needed from the user’s perspective. First we thought about the artists: crafting an intuitive UI so that they could upload their works securely, and effectively manage their portfolios.

Next we considered the buyers. We decided to build a site that could minimize search times, and provide high-resolution zoom for images. We wanted to make the online purchasing experience as similar to browsing in real-life galleries as we possibly could, and the payment process easy and secure.

Finally, we took the elements that would make this digital platform functional and brought them together with a beautifully designed aesthetic and brand.

The Artbeep platform works on any device,
flows smoothly from search, to selection and final payment.


We built a branded platform that can handle a large number of original pieces and make art accessible, affordable, and acquirable around the world. Artbeep is already established in 7 countries, hosts work from more than 50 artists, and has sold over 500 original art pieces.

In the digital age, many old markets are scrambling to stay relevant and accessible. The art world has been a largely exclusive sphere, but today, thanks to revolutionary platforms like Artbeep, anyone can buy, sell, or trade art on an international scale.


Artbeep Inaugural Exhibition
19-21 May 2016

Artbeep’s inaugural exhibition in Mayfair, London, jointly with Backes & Strauss London was a great success. More than 10 artworks by 10 artists from 5 countries priced between £800 and £6,000 were bought in 3 days by art lovers and collectors during the exhibition.

The success is not surprising as all the presented artists are well known in their own countries and are collected by local collectors and institutions.

Artbeep artists lack global visibility and our mission is to change that by bringing their beautiful works to the global art audience at affordable prices. We are very pleased that our first exhibition was so successful and was enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Armenia: Reflections Through Generations
30 June 2016

The exhibition showcased the best works by 40 contemporary artists exploring a common theme: revealing various sides of our country by depicting people, objects, nature, ideas, memories and emotions.

The exhibition took place on June 30, 19:00 at AGBU Armenia HQ (2/2 Melik-Adamyan Street).

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