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Staying informed is key to staying healthy. was established in 2009 as Armenia’s first and largest digital portal for medical information and online consultations.

Providing comprehensive information about health services, facilities and specialists online is crucial for a country like Armenia where medical information is not always available - particularly to those living in remote regions.

With its thorough database of doctor profiles and easy-access consultations, is changing the healthcare landscape and culture of Armenia.


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When dealing with large amounts of data, simplicity and ease of use are critical. came to Agnian with a huge database of more than sixty thousand pages. Their website, however, was difficult to use and very slow due to poor internal structuring. also had one key flaw. While the goal was to establish a directory of qualified doctors, the physicians were not enabled to create their own profiles, and could request changes to existing profiles only by calling site maintenance. This made access to the website much too complicated for regular use.

Considering that was meant to make medical information highly accessible, we decided that besides restructuring its content, we needed to design a whole new UX that would be intuitive, interactive, and optimised for all devices.


For flawless UI/UX, the user has to come first.

From the very beginning it was clear that we had to start with some major restructuring. By carefully classifying the more than sixty thousand pages of content and creating an intuitive site map, we were able to completely change the face of, making the website both more manageable and useable.

At Agnian we always take UX and UI very seriously, so we went through a number of iterations when it came to design. And it wasn’t just looks that we were trying to reimagine; we wanted to present users with a whole new experience. So our first reformation was to give doctors direct access to their profiles, and our second reformation was to enable patients to directly communicate with doctors via an intuitive messaging system.

Our goal was to transform so that it wasn’t just a stagnant database, but a powerful, evolving social network where doctors and patients meet.


A social network for doctor-patient connections.

Following the complete restructuring and redesign of the website, blossomed into the most popular online medical portal in Armenia.

Now that patients and doctors have easy access to the website and can communicate directly, has moved far beyond its original purpose. Besides providing information, the website is now a platform where vital connections are established between those who provide healthcare, and those who need it.

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