Cohesive design for <br> high-end tech accelerators

Level39 / Canary Wharf Group

Cohesive design for high-end tech accelerators


Located in the heart of London’s financial district, Level 39 is an accelerator that focuses on finance, retail, smart-city, and cybersecurity startups. This venture was launched in 2013 by the Canary Wharf Group and has since grown into the largest technology accelerator in Europe.

By selecting the brightest teams with the best ideas, Level 39 enables small ventures to grow into self-sufficient and innovative businesses. Through its tailored curriculum, specialized events and expert mentor program, Level 39 is engendering a new culture of innovation and change in the tech world.


Create design and functionality that represents the cutting edge in tech

While Level 39 already had a working website, they needed a new platform that was exclusively for their VIP member group. It was important that the new website should be unique and high-end, but also cohesive with the parent webpage. Furthermore, the staff at Level 39 wanted an easy-flowing application process for the program, as well as stand-alone platforms for two other in-house accelerators, Entiq and Cognicity.

Agnian tackled these tasks with the goal of creating digital platforms that reflect Level 39’s mission and aesthetic, but also have an intuitive UX and deliver real results.


First Agnian designed and built the website for ClubLounge 39, an exclusive private members group at Level 39. We knew that this webpage had to attract and serve business leaders, investors and the finance community at large, so our design was straightforward, intuitive and indicative of the luxurious business-culture that fuels ClubLounge39.

Level 39 also asked us to build websites for two of their member startup accelerators, Entiq and Cognicity. Again, we took on these tasks with the ethos of Level 39 in mind. Each of the websites we built had its own unique aesthetic, but at the same time maintained the spirit and general appearance of the larger Level 39 parent brand.

Our team worked closely with the London-based accelerators to create a new digital experience for each venture. By reworking the startup application process and developing a beautifully designed UX, we were able to unite the three companies via one digital experience.


An effortless experience

The financial world is a demanding place. In order to be innovative and effective it takes great strategy, effort and the perfect environment. Level 39 provides this kind of space for leading fintech companies in Europe so that they can do what they do best. With our help, Level 39’s digital platform is now as powerful and engaging as its actual accelerator space in London.

By building three digital experiences that share a sleek aesthetic and represent the best of Level 39’s values, we helped this accelerator to attract the best startups in need of a space where they can develop, grow and meet their innovative potential.

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