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An integrative and flexible platform for future leaders


The London Business School (LBS) is one of the leading business institutions in the world. Known for its rigorous and innovative approach to preparing students for cut-throat business environments, its alumni make up a large portion of the economic leaders of today. With students coming from nearly every country around the globe, LBS is a powerful hub where the world’s greatest innovators meet, learn and work together.


Every year LBS students organize and lead 15 - 20 conferences on business development in a number of spheres. Before Agnian came onto the scene, students were required to develop their own web solutions for each conference. This meant that in terms of content, design, site quality, and hosting, there was a wide diversity among the websites and a clear lack of cohesion.

LBS commissioned Agnian to create a holistic solution for all future student websites. This new system would reflect the London Business School’s visual identity, but also be malleable enough to meet the requirements of each individual conference.


Maintaining individuality within a parent brand...

By working closely with LBS and understanding the needs of its students, Agnian built an intuitive platform that allows students to customise and create their own websites. This platform includes preset blocks with the LBS visual identity as well as some customisable modules.

Through the combination of on-brand templates and limited customisation, this platform instilled a level of cohesion among all student conference websites. Moreover, because all the websites are now hosted on one server, all content is preserved and available for future reference.


Today LBS student led conferences use Agnian’s web-building platform to create their online portals. We have helped the following conferences to build their online presence: Sports Conference, Middle East Conference, eCommerce Conference, Asset Management Conference, Art Investment Conference, LBS Hackaton, Real Estate Conference, Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference, Africa Conference, Entrepreneurship Conference, Tech Media Summit.  

By bringing order and ease to the process, this platform has united all the websites under one banner. There are already more than fifty LBS conference websites built with the Agnian platform, and as the business school moves forward with its mission to innovate, Agnian is proud to help the student body in that endeavour. 

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