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Founded in 2001, is a project of the Media Initiatives Center (previously Internews) that aims to describe developments in Armenia’s media, politics and current events. The website was created by journalists for journalists, and it is a portal for Armenians to share and discuss the pressing events, issues, news, and trends that affect their daily lives, the press, and freedom of speech.

THE CHALLENGE’s motto is “people are the media”, but when they came to Agnian it was evident that their website and platform was neither intuitive nor inviting for contributions from journalists and the public at large.

The team at was eager to tranform their digital platform into a space where debates on Armenia’s media sector could take place. Our goal, therefore, was to redesign their web presence to not only look more appealing and modern, but to function more fluidly and intuitively.

Taking Action

Before taking on the visual identity of, we felt that it was important to start with restructuring. Our process began with classifying content types and developing new ways for users to interact with one another and the website itself. By adding a livestream Q&A platform where media experts can interact with users, we made an even more interactive and community-oriented space.

The general UX and UI of the website also needed to be completely reworked. We approached this task with the civilian journalist in mind. It was crucial that submitting stories and tips be as easy as filling out a form, and the whole website was thus designed to be as simple to use as possible.

The Result

Completely redesigned, the new website was responsive on all devices, more content focused and easy to navigate. These improvements increased traffic to the website, as well as participation from journalists and readers alike.

In a highly politicised world the media’s role is of utmost importance. operates on the belief that the news must be unbiased and that the people must maintain their right to speak freely. Agnian is proud to have enabled such an organisation to present itself effectively online. Their mission is to give the Armenian people a voice, and ours was to arm their incredible team with digital tools that could make their mission a reality.

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