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Praemium is a financial service platform used by the world’s leading financial advisers, investment managers, institutions, accountants and product providers. Over US$ 60 billion worth of global investments have been managed through Praemium by major companies such as Citigroup, E*Trade, Credit Suisse, ANZ and Vestra.

Since its founding in 2001, Praemium has become a leading provider of investment platforms, portfolio administration and CRM solutions for companies all over the world.


Uniting a diverse set of tools under one banner

When discussing the scope with Praemium, the team at Agnian identified the following key priorities: 

I. Had to manage several sites
Because Praemium offers a number of distinct financial services in different geographic regions of Australia, Asia, UK and internationally, the marketing and content team needed a platform that could handle the demands of each one. Praemium had multiple websites, which were individually developed and lived on different platforms.

II. Wanted to provide marketing to clients
Praemium wanted to use the platform to provide ability for each of their clients, who are financial advisors, to market their own services to their end-users, thus providing ability for Praemium to publish their clients' own content.

III. Needed to create new pages
The marketing team wanted to have ability to launch new pages for them and their clients.

IV. Needed a Document Management system
Praemium published a huge number of documents on the site and needed a way to manage this library on the website.

V. Site had to work on mobile & desktop
And of course, the user experience had to be responsive and smooth for the users and content managers.


Our team began designing and creating Praemium website by considering the various users who would be interacting with the digital platform. To make things easier for Praemium’s content managers, Agnian made it possible to create and edit custom web pages with just a few clicks with no help from the development team required. This allowed for a much more streamlined process and made the platform more dynamic.

We have implemented the following main solutions: 

I. Multisite Platform
We brought websites for Australia, Asia, UK and Praemium International together and created a Multi-Site Platform. The platform now hosts the following sites:
- UK:
- Australia:
- International:

Each of Praemium sites was created based on the brandbook but same pages can have completely different styles across different sites. 

The platform is based on the version 8 of Drupal, an enterprise grade open source content management framework powering some of the largest sites, including and 

II. Branded Landing Pages
We created a number of branded pages with their own look and feel, not sharing  Praemium design, but still hosted on the same platform. Praemium can now publish content for their clients.

III. Page Builder
We developed a fantastic builder, which allows creating new pages with the use of predesigned blocks, easily creating pages that stay responsive and conform to the branding of the company. That means that the marketing managers now can use blocks and build pages similar to Lego®. The front pages are also created with such blocks allowing to bring important content and displaying it on the front page.

IV. Document Management
We created an ability for the content managers to organise and manage documents on the platform. The marketing team now can easily select the required document and share it across different pages. 

V. Optimised for Mobile and Desktops
Praemium website is now fully optimised to display on different browsers and different devices: mobiles, tablets, desktops and extra large HD screens. All three sub-sites share the same general design, which is good from the point of user interface and experience (UI and UX). 


By working closely with the Praemium team, Agnian was able to launch a completely new multifaceted website that serves both front and back-end users. The redesign of the website is an ongoing iterative process and we continue working with Praemium adding new functionality and sections.

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