Agnian Drupal Material Design


Introducing Drupal Admin Theme Inspired by Google Material

A new interface to manage your Drupal site,
inspired by Google material design, has arrived!

MATERIAL is a beautiful and very functional admin theme following Google material design recommendations. Drupal admin interface has remained the same for very long time. Drupal 8 introduced a fresher look but it still did not do justice to the power of Drupal.

We decided to introduce something completely new:


We have created this theme realising the urgent need for improvement. We have been using Drupal for over a decade and have been always impressed with the technical capabilities of the framework. At the same time we heard over and over from our clients that they were confused and oftentimes preferred WordPress interface. So we decided to change that and help bring Drupal admin to the standard it really deserves.

Familiar experience

Have you used Android mobile? Or Google mail? Or Google Drive? Or Google Analytics. Or hundreds of other applications. Chances are you have.

Then you will find it easy to get started in Drupal new material admin interface!

Guiding Principles

We used clean typography, heightened contrast, and some subtle transparency effects  to make it an attractive alternative to the default admin.

Responsive - Mobile First


Manage your sites whenever you want to, wherever you are, on any device - mobile or iPads.

The new interface is built to be optimised on mobiles, tablets, touch and desktop devices.  

I just downloaded it and tried it on a local D8 site. It looks great so far. Nice work!

Dave Myburgh Senior Engineer at Acquia

It seems to be a great admin theme that I for sure will use on my Drupal 8 websites.

Inge Wihlborg CAD/BIM/IT-consultant at Tyrens AB