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Responsive Ecommerce Site to buy Medical Products was founded in 2005 and today is one of the largest retail chains in Russia offering a variety of medical, rehabilitation, wellness, beauty and sports products. 

Med Magazin Ecommerce Site Design

We have worked with the team at Med Magazin and created a new Responsive Ecommerce Site Design. We have started from Product Development, Wireframes, Mockups, and provided smart ideas on Workflows and Conversions. We have designed the website based on Google Material Design Principles. We have also optimised the website for mobile, tablets and large screens.

The result of our teamwork with Med Magazin was outstanding. We have created one of the best Responsive Sites in Russia in the medical sphere. It is now considered as a Top Marketplace Online Store in Russia and the customers can now conveniently find and buy the medical, rehabilitation, wellness, beauty and sports products at a click of a button whenever they are.

Med-Magazin Mobile Product Development
Med Magazin Wireframes and Mockups
Med Magazin Design based on Google Material Design Principles
Med-Magazin, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
Med Magazin - Best Marketplace Online Store

The mission of Med-Magazin is to help people in the period of rehabilitation, to improve their quality of life, and to make their lives most comfortable and safe. We are happy to contribute to the delivery of this mission to provide the client with the top quality responsive Ecommerce site design and development. | Top Ecommerce Site Design in Russia