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iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Comely is a mobile platform that delivers wellness and beauty professionals to customers in Australia. Comely works to ensure its customers look and feel great as conveniently as possible.

Comely partnered with Agnian to build the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to be launched for customers in Australia.   

Comely - Home Page Screen


The workflows allow to understand the customer journey - from registration to ordering a service and to payment.  

Comely - Workflow

Wireframes & Mockups

Using wireframes we bring together individual interface elements that will form the screens users interact with. To come up with the final UI, UX, and design we have put together very detailed high-fidelity wireframes and mockups. We are using the best tools - Photoshop, Sketch, Balsamiq Mockups

Having detailed wireframes and mockups allows the team to work iteratively and launch the final product that works seamlessly.

Comely - Mockups


We have created a prototype to allow the product team to see and feel the app before any line of code was created. The prototype was created using InVision App - a very useful cloud based prototyping tool. 

A prototype greatly enhances the chances that the apps will deliver the right experience for the customers. 

Customer App - iOS and Android

Using the app customers can choose and order their desired services. Agnian has developed native apps for both iOS and Android.  

Comely - iOS Home Page Screen
Comely - Register Page Screen
Comely - Service Order Screen
Comely - Personal Information for Registration Screen
Comely - Share and Rate Screen

Service Provider App - iOS and Android

The service providers may accept and manage the orders using the native apps on both iOS and Android.  

Comely - Android Home Screen
Comely - Android Registration Screen
Comely - Android Personal Information Screen
Comely - Android Personal Info Screen
Comely - Android Customers Screen


Comely Backend allows the administrators to onboard the service providers after they registered through the mobile app, manage the customer accounts, and see and manage all the orders. 

The backend is created using enterprise grade Java technology on Amazon AWS servers. The payment is integrated with Stripe split payments through the Adaptive Payments API. It allows the service providers to receive their payments as soon as the order is completed and the customer credit card is charged. 

The Result

We’ve created apps that allow the users to get beauty and wellness delivered to their home or office.